It's OK To Question and Have Doubts

August 24, 2016


Doubt Your Faith?

Can we doubt and still have faith? Throughout my spiritual journey, there have been many times I’ve doubted God and what was going on in my life. There may have been times I had doubted my faith, but when I try to think about when I’ve doubted it was probably times I wasn’t walking like […]

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The Bible Is More Relevant Than Ever

August 16, 2016


Christian, Are You Not Voting?

Voting Has Become Very Weird If you are like me you are probably struggling with voting and who to vote for this year. Even as early as last year my wife and I found us wondering what has become of our political system and government. Even some of friends and family members have already decided […]

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August 9, 2016


Unity, Striving for Harmony

Is Harmony Hard To Find? Harmony in the world today seems like it’s a long, long way off from ever happening. If we watch the news media every day (which I do not recommend) all we will see is disharmony and disunity. It seems like no one is even trying to come together. What Is […]

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Max on Forgiveness

July 27, 2016


Do We Really Forgive? Here’s What I Found…

It’s Not Always Easy To Forgive Ever have a tough time forgiving someone? Have you ever forgiven and turned your back against that person? Yeah, that’s me! We’ve all been there. Friends or family members or that driver that cut you off,  have done hurtful, mean or hateful things to you. You just can’t let […]

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Men's Hearts Are Foolish

July 25, 2016


The Foolish Minds of Men

The Foolishness of Our Hearts When I look at the world, it’s governments and its leaders and how they strive after something other than what God designed our governments for, I wonder if God shakes his head in pity for how foolish they are. Even people and groups that try to push their evil ideologies […]

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