3 Steps to Be a Disciple

Steps To Being a Disciple of Christ

Most times I find inspiration to write from reading articles, observing people, or just listening. One evening I was listening to my wife teach a group of women about 3 steps needed for their business.  My wife was taught these steps from a friend. The friend had heard it from a very different type of group. They both soon realized it would be a great training tool for other women in business.  These training steps are to help you be more successful in your work, or program you were involved in.  I soon realized that these steps they were teaching could be used and are being used already to help people be disciples of Christ.

Anyone wanting to be a follower of Christ should be doing these 3 things to be a disciple. And you might already be doing them and don’t even know it.

Here are the 3 Steps with some Biblical backup to them.

3 Steps To Be Disciples of Christ

#1. Show Up. In order to keep learning and progressing in your faith, you need to be around other Christians to help you grow in your faith.

Meet With Other Believers

Here is what I mean. Years ago when I was learning to play tennis, I played against players who were more skilled than me. I was amazed at how I became a better player because of it. The same is true for discipleship. The more you go to church, small group, or other activities with other believers the more you learn and the more your faith grows.

Hebrews 10:25 encourages us to meet together. Hebrews 10:24 tells us why. To encourage each other. Being a disciple of Christ is not for the faint of heart. Jesus himself warned us it would be difficult in John 16:23. As disciples, we constantly need instruction, reminders, wisdom, and above all encouragement. We get this from those who have been through the difficulties and trials. They can teach us how to follow Christ in the midst of those trials, so we can help others.

Proverbs 27:17 tells us that just like iron sharpens iron, another person will help “sharpen” your spiritual skills to fight the battle that is against us.


#2. Tracking What You are doing. It’s always encouraging to see some progress in whatever you are working toward. If you are in a workout program and follow it consistently you can start to feel and see the difference. The same is true for discipleship. You have to track where you have started in order to see your progress. This means journaling. Yes, it is a dreaded word especially for busy people and in particular; guys. Guys typically don’t like to share their feelings, especially through a journal.  But when you read scripture and write down your thoughts about what you’ve read you come to realize how God is speaking to you.

In the Old Testament, the Israelites typically put up an alter of stones to help them remember what God had brought them through and where He was taking them. For an example read Joshua 4: 1-24.

For us this means journaling. Yes, it is a dreaded word especially for busy people and in particular guys. Guys typically don’t like to share their feelings, especially through a journal. As you read scripture and write down your thoughts, you come to realize how God is speaking to you.

Another suggestion I have is to take notes from a sermon. Those ideas and thoughts become embedded in your mind many times more than if you just sat and listened.

After you have been journaling for awhile, look back at what you’ve written. You will suddenly see just how spiritual you’ve become (Just Kidding)! You can reread some of your passages and remember things that occurred to you. Seeing how you have progressed in your faith and understanding will give you encouragement and insight. Today I even look back at my journals and get great ideas for writing.

Take a look at Deuteronomy 4:9, Deuteronomy 32:46, and Proverbs 22:18. These verses don’t explicitly tell you to write down things to remember them, but how else will you remember. Writing helps you to remember. That is why we have God’s written word, that is why we have books galore! This is so we will remember and learn from others. By writing our thoughts, it helps us to remember and helps other generations to learn from us. (Another reason why I write.)

#3. Why. Your why is very important to remember. If you start something, a new career, a business deal, a marketing plan, a class, or whatever “it” is, you had a purpose or passion for starting. From time to time you have to remind yourself of your “why”.

Why Did You Become a Christian?

When you start following Christ the “why” should be easy, right?  But then things start pulling on you to not read the Bible, to not go to church, and still hang with the “fun” crowd.

It’s at those times and other hard times to remember “why”. Your “why” is really God. You set out to follow God to be saved from sin and death. To live a life in His peace and to glorify Him. To do all this in order to draw other people to God so that they will be saved from sin and death.

The next time you become disillusioned, anxious, doubting, or even angry that’s ok. Just remember “Who” God is to you and “why” you started following Him. And then look back at your journal, get around other believers to get encouraged, learn truth, and wisdom.

Our Purpose Is His Glory

Going back to John 16:33 it tells us to take heart. He has overcome the world. 1 Peter 4:13 reminds us that our trials make us partners with Christ in his sufferings. By this, we will see His glory revealed to all the world.

That my friends should be our “why”, to see His glory revealed to everyone around the world.

Being a disciple means to discipline yourself. It is hard. You are stretched and is uncomfortable at times. But God’s peace gives us incredible encouragement to know Him more and to see His glory revealed.

Keep up the good work! 1 Timothy 6:12



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