God Loves Us

God Loves Us So Much

God So Loved

One of my favorite verses in the Bible and probably one that everyone memorized growing up is John 3:16. I still remember that tiny little telescope toy I had. When you looked through it had this verse written out in it. 

God Loves Us
God So Loves Us

We’ve seen the verse in the end zone at football games or written on football players eye black. It is one of the most popular verses. But may we never take it for granted and it’s meanings.

Don’t Miss It

Since this verse is so much read and memorized we may miss the amount of truth that is in this short verse. Consider just the first line, “God so loved the world”.

In the English language, there is just one word for love. But in the Greek translation, there are many words for love. Here, it means the love that God always offers. It is an unconditional love. A love that He gives to us without expecting anything in return.

Another way this verse’s beginning could read to help us grasp a little bit of how God feels about us is this: So, so much did God love us that He gave. That is just like God. He is always a very generous God sacrificing all He has just to have a relationship with us.

The other part, “the world”, is interesting. Because, Jesus turned the world upside down or for him, back right side up with offering His love and redemption. Not just to the Jews, but it was now available to everyone on the planet!

So, no matter what condition you are in; poor, rich, disabled, homeless, athletic, lonely, fatherless, widow, sick, depressed, overcome, or hopeless, God has come to give you what you are missing. His Son, Jesus Christ.

What Do We Do?

All God asks of us is to believe Him. Accept this great gift of His Son, The Son, and believe. He is reaching out His hands with an unbelievable FREE gift and all we have to do is receive it.

When we look to Him to be healed of our sin, He gives us a new life in Him. Not just for the moment, a few days or a few years. But for eternity!

That is what the last part of this verse means. Those that don’t believe Him will perish eternally. God desires that no one would be lost, so it is everyone’s choice of how we want to spend eternity (2 Peter 3:9). We can either choose life or death. It is totally up to us. God does not send us to perish we do because we have not chosen Him.

Think About It

Take some time to think about how much God really loves you to do what He did in sacrificing His One and only Son. But He was willing and Jesus is willing knowing it will bring us back to Him. To live a life we are designed to live. A life in Him and living through us.

Our Creator knows us and what better way to live our lives now and for eternity with Him in us.


If you know of someone that you think would be helped in reading this, feel free to share it with them. 

Let me know what you think of how much God loves you!. 

Blessings to You, 




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Steve is a Husband, Father, Grandfather and follower of Jesus Christ. His purpose in writing is to teach his sons, grandchildren and all others what it means to follow Christ and to have a personal relationship with Him and to make Him known to every generation.

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