Mentor, Who Me?

Being A Mentor

What is a Mentor Anyway?

A Mentor is someone who teaches or gives help or advice to a less experienced and often younger person. (Mirriam-Webster) 

A Mentor can also be a trusted counselor or a guide. 

What is interesting the term “mentor” was used first in 1616 but came from Homer’s epic “The Odyssey” and is used for anyone who is a positive, guiding influence in another’s life. 

Mentor People To Know Christ

Why Mentor?

We could live our lives totally for ourselves and family, never connect to any church, or try to change the culture of where you live. We could just go to church and soak up all we hear and do nothing with it. But, that is not what God has called us to do or be.

All that time sitting in church and Bible Studies are designed for you to help others in their walk with God.

Here are 4 reasons to mentor:

  1. God tells us to teach others.

Matthew 28:18-20 tells us to go out into the world to make disciples.

Psalm 145:4 says one generation will tell another.

Psalm 78:4 says we are to tell the coming generations about the glorious deeds of the Lord.

And I love how Galatians 3:8 gets right to the point: “If you think you are too important to help someone, you are only fooling yourself.” (NLT) Let that sink in for a moment!

2. So people will know the truth and live it.

3. People are hurting and lost and they need you to show them God’s truth and love.

4. To build relationships within the church and community.

5. To build unity among the church and community.

6. This one is totally selfish, but pouring your life and knowledge into another person and watching God help them grow spiritually is incredibly humbling and mind-blowing.

It is our responsibilities as Christians to teach our children, our children’s children, and other people about the hope that is in God.

Who Do I Mentor?

I have to admit I never looked for someone to mentor. I kind of stumbled into mentoring simply by asking a guy to go have coffee. I singled out this person because of his past he had shared during a men’s meeting and God kind of nudged me to get to know him more.

My suggestion is to pray and keep your eyes and heart open to who God might want you to get to know better. If you are already in a small group or Bible Study, take a look around and see who God lays on your heart. Ask yourself who could you influence with what God has taught you. Also, please be open to whoever might be looking for a mentor. Guys don’t typically go looking for a mentor even though we should, so just ask around. Someone might be already looking.

I Found Mentee, Now What?

What Me Mentor Someone?

It’s really not all that scary. During your first couple of meetings, ask questions to find out how far along in their faith they are. Or just ask them straight out that very question. If they can answer with specifics that gives you, even more, information, of exactly where they are and where to start.

If they have no idea what you are talking about, then that should tell you that you need to start from the beginning to make sure they know what excepting Christ is all about and so on.

Here are some resources that I and my wife have used and are currently using:

Lee Strobel has 2 that I would recommend called “The Case for Christ” which has been recently updated and also “The Case for Faith”.

Lee Strobel’s books will likely answer a lot of the questions that boggle the mind of any Christian, like “why is there suffering”, and “is the Bible accurate”, and so on.

These next two are great for starting someone on their walk as a disciple whether they are a new believer or have been for years.

“Discipleship Essentials” by Greg Ogden

“Starting Point” by Andy Stanley. This one is also available in a DVD format.

To tell you the truth, I never thought I could or would mentor anyone. The thought wasn’t even on my radar. But then I began to look around me at how much people needed God’s help.

And then I remembered how I wished someone would have approached me early in my adult life. One or two guys did, but they never lasted or I got busy with work.

If you want to be a mentor, make the time, make the commitment. Stand up and go help somebody.

God will one day call us to account for how we spent our time here on earth.

Wouldn’t it be great you could tell Jesus how much time you spent mentoring and discipling guys to know Him? And wouldn’t it be great to see those guys standing next to Jesus?

Commit to finding someone today!

If this post could help someone please feel free to share it with them. Also, leave me a comment or any other thoughts or questions you have. 



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