The Great Benefit

A Great Benefit

In this world, things have changed into quite an upside down world. I guess the phrase is “post-modernism” where people deem whatever they decide to be right as right. It seemed they just forgot the benefit they had. 

God's Benefit is Now Here
Feel like your living in gloom and darkness?

Actually, I found that this is really nothing new. Isaiah 29:16 shows us that people have been trying to do their own thing for millennia. The nation of Israel had the benefit of the message of God through their prophets and the Levites who taught the knowledge of God.

But, Israel turned everything “upside down” and tried to do things their own way. Today we have stopped seeking God just as they had. We too have turned our world “upside down” and are trying to do things our own way instead of God’s way.

Our Benefit Today

Jesus is God's Benefit to Us
God’s Plan Gives Us His Light

God had a plan and He revealed it a few verses later in Isaiah 29:18. “In that day the deaf shall hear the words of a book, and out of their gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind shall see”.

God’s vision for all of mankind was to hear His word and to give sight to those who are blinded by sin. What a tremendous hope that brought for the future that is now a reality here and now.

Luke 7:18-23 tells us how John the Baptist sent messengers to ask Jesus if He was the Messiah. Jesus responded by calling them to witness to all that He had done. They realized that He did in fact heal, raise people from the dead, give sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf.

Jesus really was this fulfillment of Isaiah and to many other scriptures. (Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9:2-7, Isaiah 42:1-9, Isaiah 49:1-7)

Because of Jesus who shed his glory and throne in heaven for a human form, and to suffer and die for our sins, the reality of God’s word and promises are now fulfilled. We no longer have to live blinded and in a gloomy existence to sin. We can live in an upright world by living by how God tells us to live. Not by the standards of what the world of sin says we must do to live.

Jesus is the Gospel and Word from God to us that can right the world so that we can live by His standards of righteousness and truth. He is the benefit that we have, that everyone has available so that they no longer have to live in darkness, but live in truth.

Creating Change

Our Benefit is Eternal Life
Jesus Broke The Power of Sin and Death

Now that God’s truth has been revealed to us through His Son, Jesus Christ it is our responsibility to help people know Him and His truth.

We can do this simply by living out God’s truth from His Word every day. As the story of the Good Samaritan goes from Luke 10:25-37 we are to bring the lost, broken, and wounded to the “inn”, His Church. We are also to be the light that will attract people to want we have.

And what we have is God living inside of us that will cause people to seek us out so that we can bring them to God’s church. So that they will find Him.

There are so many people growing up to being taught and believing in the lies of the world. As believers in Christ, we need to stand up for this people and teach the truth while people can still hear. Before they are hardened by sin and lies. People need to be told the Truth, the Truth about salvation in Jesus before it’s too late.

Then, little by little, God will create the change that is needed in people’s hearts. He will create the change that is needed in communities, cities, states and the country and the world.

The Benefit that once was only available to God’s Chosen people in the Old Testament is now everyone’s Benefit. We can know Him because of what Jesus came and died for. His power lives in us through His Holy Spirit.

We can now live in this “upside down” world and show others what real living is all about by living by God’s Word and truth.

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